About us
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About us

We are surrounded by colours. No wonder they are so important to our perception of the world. In our job we aim for aesthetically pleasing yet durable results by combining top quality technologies with our expertise and dedication.


Surface coating is the last production stage and it is extremely important, as it ensures surface protection and gives a beautiful finishing touch. This is a very delicate process that requires extensive knowledge and experience. Experts have to be skilled in operating various equipment and installations, be aware of special conditions of surface priming and take into consideration many additional factors.


At Svydis we are happy to offer our customers exceptionally good service thanks to our in-depth knowledge of coating. Our experts are ready to consult you on all the technical aspects during the paint shop set up phase and assist you in planning the paint shops operations. We will also help you to choose the most suitable coating products line and support with body shop management. Our mobile technicians can perform their work at the customer’s premises and train the customer’s operators so that together they produce the desired result.


Svydis employs over 150 professionals, all of them are adept at the best coating technologies in the world. We will be happy to create and patent a customized solution for you.


  • More than 150 professionals
  • Expert knowledge
  • Best coating technologies
  • Creative solutions for everyone


Svydis services are available not only in the Baltic States. We are growing and expanding to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We seek to bring across the message to our customers about the values that define us:


  • Our mission:

We create professional coating solutions

  • Our vision:

First choice for our partners by adding value, innovating and setting new standards

  • Our values:

Responsibility, competence, creativity, adaptability, added value, ethics.